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From fire detection to suppression, FSS provides turnkey safety solutions that are specifically customized to your company's needs. Our expert designers offer a complete solutions package, and our OEM relationships ensure we can address potential problems immediately and efficiently. Expert designers at FSS have the expertise, experience and technical skills for complete, functional and reliable engineered systems. Services include on-site surveys, development of system specifications, computer-aided design, drafting and installation, as well as commissioning of engineered safety systems. With personnel available around the clock, our design services department meets the critical needs of clients.

5 Steps of Design Services:

  1. Evaluation
    Evaluate each hazard on an individual basis.

  2. Estimate
    Estimator will provide competitive and professional estimate for review.

  3. Design System
    FSS will design a customized system solution to address any hazard revealed by our evaluation.

  4. Installation
    Our team of professional installers will then implement the system solution within the designated schedule.

  5. Final Testing Phase
    Final acceptance testing with a company representative or Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) to assure system performance and acceptance as per design.

Design Systems:

Gas Detection Systems, Fire Detection Systems, Clean Agent Suppression Systems, Water Mist Fire Suppression Systems, Foam Fire Suppression Systems, Dry Chemical Suppression Systems, Deluge Systems, Paging and Alarm Systems and Aids to Navigation Systems.

Code Evaluation:

FSS Design Services can provide code evaluation, giving our customers the most current information in order to protect their assets and remain in compliance. Our professionals have the tools and resources required to help mitigate hazards and can assist the end user during this critical decision-making process. From station bill assessment to placement of safety systems and equipment, we offer the peace of mind of knowing that you and your equipment are protected.